LOA                     16.5 m

LWL                     15.3 m

Beam Max         5.5 m

Draft                   1.05 m

Range                 250 NM

Propulsion         Twin screw, Twin IPS               

Speed                  26 - 32 knots

The Malin 16m has been developed specifically to meet the needs of Pilot boat operators around the world. The hull form has been optimised for outstanding rough weather operation whilst providing a steady, dependable platform for pilot transfer and extended operation times. 

Pilot transfer ergonomics are at the heart of the design process in order to provide a safe and reliable platform for twenty four seven operation. The Coxwain is afforded excellent visibility of the pilot during the transfer evolution with generous, well placed windows and a coach-roof design offering visibility right down to the pilots footing on the deck. An uncluttered transfer space and a wide side deck offer the Pilot the highest level of security.

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