Designing boats for people

People are at the centre of the PEMD design process. This includes the crew, the passengers, the maintainers, the builder and the owner. The process starts with ensuring all the needs of the people involved are captured and is completed only after confirmation that these needs have been met. Each design is painstakingly tailored to match each unique set of requirements.

Renowned hull form design

Peter Eyre is renowned for his ability to develop highly performing hull forms to meet the demands of commercial operation in all conditions.


Optimising forms to minimise slamming whilst providing the utmost control and predictability allow Peter Eyre's hull forms to be operated safely in conditions where other vessels can't come close.

Working closely with clients, yards, suppliers and engineering associates ensures the whole project progresses efficiently and in the right direction.


PEMD has a flexible approach to match the needs of each project whether commissioned directly by the owner or working in partnership with a build yard on one-off or series builds. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Seamless integration